IVAX healthcare packaging

IVAX Pharmaceuticals  /  Designed at Adventis Group


Improving healthcare for everyone
Every detail of the updated packaging design for IVAX Pharmaceuticals was developed in response to hours of market research and testing with consumers and pharmacists to fully understand their needs and expectations.

A bold combination of colours was used to define every one of the 350 individual products by strength and therapeutic group to improve speed and accuracy for pharmacists when dispensing multiple prescriptions.

A contrasting base colour was applied to those products which are often prescribed together (but have similar sounding names) to help eliminate confusion for patients when taking their medicines on a daily basis.

Special care and attention was also given to all on-pack information to make sure this achieved the highest standards of accessibility for all end users. The final design proposals were audited and fully approved by the RNIB.

The new design strategy has delivered value for everyone involved. It's helped pharmacists do their job more easily and effectively; it's improved the overall user experience for patients; and it's created a greater level of trust and confidence in IVAX as a patient-focused healthcare provider.