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First music video shot entirely with Instagram

The official music video for the song “Invasión” by Mexico-based band The Plastics Revolution is claimed to be the first ever of its kind being shot entirely with Instagram, without any additional video footage.

All 1,905 stills were were shot by Arturo Perez Jr using Instagram and then put together to make a single stop motion film.

Brilliant! Enjoy the film...

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CSI: Legoland

CSI Legoland is a miniature recreation of the hit TV series using stop-motion film, and a whole bunch of LEGO. It's got everything from dimly lit lab sequences, cool tech and plenty of blood and (plastic) body parts thrown in for good measure. There's even a reference to Horatio's signature sunglasses move, and some witty brick based humour to cap it off. All-in-all it's a genius bit of film making by Joe Nicolosi and worth every second to watch in full.

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