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Transforming historic portraits with colour

Charles Darwin colorized by Mads Madsen

Winston Churchill colorized by Mads MadsenAlbert Einstein colorized by Mads Madsen

What’s the most amazing thing about these historic portraits?

Well, the fact they all started life in black and white and in the space of about 20-30 minutes (with the talented eye and creativity of 18-year old artist Mads Madsen) they now appears in glorious technicolor.

Abraham Lincoln colorized by Mads MadsenMark Twain colorized by Mads Madsen Butch Cassidy and the Wild Bunch colorized by Mads MadsenMohandas Karamchand Gandhi colorized by Mads Madsen
So far, Mads Madsen has colourized over 450 photographs which you can view on In addition to numerous pictures from the civil war, he has also worked on images of Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin and Abraham Lincoln and the collection is growing by the day...

The results, well they speak for themselves - Brilliant!

Via DesignTaxi and Twisted Sifter