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The power of words

Short film by Purplefeather illustrates the power of words to radically change your message and your effect upon the world.


Adelle Sans: New from TypeTogether

Here's some great news for all fans of the award-winning typeface Adelle.

TypeTogether has just announced that they are expanding the family with a new sans serif companion to the popular slab serif. According to Veronika Burian and José Scaglion, Adelle Sans “is a perfect option for designers who are looking for a grotesque sans that approaches the reader in a warmer and more friendly way than the usual suspects”.

I posted a feature about another of their typefaces, Soleil, in November last year. You can read the article here: Soleil: A ray of sunshine from TypeTogether.



Awesome sci-fi-style fashion film 'Cepheus' directed by Andrew Weir. The film places actress Lydia Hearst in a complex world of highly moving, atmospheric scenes laced with amazing post-production and special effects by Industrial Color. The haunting soundtrack is the work of Brooklyn-based musician Tristan Bechet.

All images © Andrew Weir / Industrial Color


BMW v Audi in one serious game of chess

I think the final move by BMW seals the game. For now...

Via Refreshed Media


Digital light table brings images to life

Thanks to Microsoft Surface and Industrial Color, agencies can now collaborate in real-time with GLOBALEdit on the first digital light table designed for creative production teams.

The app leverages all the benefits offered by the Surface platform to make the image review process more interactive and dynamic. See the software in action on this video showcase shot by Industrial Color Motion.

Via DesignTaxi

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