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Spectrum One by Matthias Heiderich

© All images copyright Matthias Heiderich

Matthias Heiderich is a self-taught photographer, living and working in Berlin, Germany. I came across this latest work (titled Spectrum One) promoted on Behance last week and was immediately struck by the unusually intense colour and compelling graphic quality of these minimalist urban architectural images.

These are just a few selected photographs from the series, but it's worth taking a look at other examples of work on his website and portfolio on Behance.


Nike Sports infographics by Instrument

© Instrument / Nike Sports Research Lab

I recently saw this excellent example of infographics created by Instrument (working in partnership with the Nike Sports Research Lab) and thought it was definitely worth sharing.

The project took biomechanical analysis of speed, accuracy and control from elite soccer squad The Academy, and plotted the data onto a series of elegantly simple graphs and charts.

The end result is not only visually engaging, but more importantly shows athletes their overall visual ranking within the squad for the first time, while highlighting key achievements and areas for growth and development.

I also posted another piece featuring Instrument's work last month. You can see it here.

Via @instrument


Pantone-inspired tarts by Emilie De Griottes

Loving Emilie De Griottes Pantone-inspired desert tarts for a special feature in French culinary magazine Fricote. Griottes has recreated popular pantone swatches using everyday ingredients such as berries, carrots, lemons and candies. Recipes for making the tarts are available in Fricote (Issue 6/2012).

Via DesignBoom


Ultrabook Pop-Up Theater

The Ultrabook Pop-Up Theater is a series of live stunts carried out in LA to promote the benefits of the Intel Ultrabook.

The 60-strong Pop-Up teams make surprise appearances on the streets of Los Angeles, and with some careful digital and human choreography help transform everyday locations into a mini theater.


Mind controlled Scalextrics

Cool R&D project developed at B-Reel allowing gamers to control Scalextric cars using only the power of the mind. Awesome!

Via @bohellberg