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A slice of genius

All images © Manual / Slice

I recently came across this brilliant example of branding and packaging for award-winning product design company Slice by San Francisco-based creative agency Manual. The witty approach to the logo, playful use of colour and overall visual execution is a perfect representation of the product and creates a memorable and engaging look and feel for the brand. I really like the choice of Akkurat for the logo and lettering - it makes such a refreshing change to Helvetica. If you haven't already been introduced to the typeface - you can find it on


Jellified London landmarks

Bompass & Parr are well renowned for creating spectacular one-off food experiences on an epic scale. Recent work includes a replica jellified version of Buckingham Palace for Selfridges to celebrate the Royal wedding.

Other wierd and wonderful projects include a vast glowing jelly installation for San Francisco MOMA, a walk in cloud of breathable G&T and a five-tonne chocolate waterfall housed in a London shopping centre!

Visit for more amazing gastronomic treats.


Batman goes geometric

© Liam Brazier

Batman, Superman, Darth Vader - it seems no self-respecting superhero or inter-galactic warlord is safe from the vector genius of Liam Brazier. The complex layering of colour and shape works brilliantly - and I think the results speak for themselves! If you're looking for a new angle on art, then make sure you see the other examples of Liam's work on My Modern Met.


A to Z: Mapping cities with style

© Ursula Hitz

These stylish typographic city maps are the work of Ursula Hitz, a Swiss-born illustrator and typographer now based in London. Using a quirky mix of hand lettering she has managed to create a range of unique visual maps which capture both the personality and structure of each city.

The overall result is not only informative, but great fun at the same time. Check out Ursula's site for more examples of her work, some great hand lettering fonts and her online shop.

Source: Completely London


Genius: Live The Language films

This series of short films for EF International Language Centers is pure inspiration! Such a simple, yet brilliant concept which has been perfectly detailed and executed throughout all seven commercials.

I especially love the sense of humour in the visuals and the clever interplay between type and cinematography. Every film has its own unique flavour, yet manages to remain faithful to the original idea. My favourite is the Paris film, but they're all great! You can see the rest of them here on Vimeo.

Directed by Gustav Johansson  /  DOP Niklas Johansson  /  Typography Albin Holmqvist