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Motion in air by Mike Campau

This series of images by Mike Campau freezes a moment of time in each dancer's aerial manoeuvre, and turns their movements into static sculptures that represents their motion and style.

While the original shots were stock photography, stylized to fit within the scene, the 3D sculptures and background sets were created entirely as digital files.

See more of Mike's digital imaging work at

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Transforming historic portraits with colour

Charles Darwin colorized by Mads Madsen

Winston Churchill colorized by Mads MadsenAlbert Einstein colorized by Mads Madsen

What’s the most amazing thing about these historic portraits?

Well, the fact they all started life in black and white and in the space of about 20-30 minutes (with the talented eye and creativity of 18-year old artist Mads Madsen) they now appears in glorious technicolor.

Abraham Lincoln colorized by Mads MadsenMark Twain colorized by Mads Madsen Butch Cassidy and the Wild Bunch colorized by Mads MadsenMohandas Karamchand Gandhi colorized by Mads Madsen
So far, Mads Madsen has colourized over 450 photographs which you can view on In addition to numerous pictures from the civil war, he has also worked on images of Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin and Abraham Lincoln and the collection is growing by the day...

The results, well they speak for themselves - Brilliant!

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First music video shot entirely with Instagram

The official music video for the song “Invasión” by Mexico-based band The Plastics Revolution is claimed to be the first ever of its kind being shot entirely with Instagram, without any additional video footage.

All 1,905 stills were were shot by Arturo Perez Jr using Instagram and then put together to make a single stop motion film.

Brilliant! Enjoy the film...

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Bradesco showcases its skills with BBH

Lovely single-minded idea by Neogama/BBH in Brazil for Bradesco. Olympics: like the financial business, to succeed you need to have a lot of skills. Photography by Vincent Dixon.

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Joining up the dots in New York

TNT with the help of Breakfast have recently installed the first ever real time electromagnetic dot display in Manhattan’s Herald Square, New York to promote the launch of their new crime show ‘Perception’.

The 23x12 foot display is made up of 44,000 electromagnetic spinning dots which each flip from black to white in reaction to movements from passers-by on the street, erasing words from the screen to reveal hidden clues relating to scenarios from the show.

Users are not only able to see a unique black-and-white reflection of their movements, but hear what that sounds like as the thousands of analog dots spin rapidly back and forth.

The design principle is similar to the kind of audible flip-board commonly found on the walls of train-stations. However, the new display has been completely re-engineered by the design team at Breakfast enabling them to operate in real-time and 15 times faster than originally possible.


The display will be up at 32nd Street and 6th Avenue until 29 July.

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